Africa, reconsidered


[Election Watch 2019/01/18] Getting ready for Nigeria

Forex shortage launches a crisis in Zimbabwe | Insiders' Newsletter #43

[Election Watch 2019/01/11] Congo has a new president – but is it the right one?

Somalia throws out the UN's Special Envoy | Insiders' Newsletter #42

[Election Watch 2019/01/04] The DR Congo finally went to the polls

[Insiders' Newsletter #41] Ebola, protests in Sudan, and the puzzle of poverty


December 2018

[Election Watch 2018/12/21] Congo's elections postponed

[Insiders' Newsletter #40] From Trump's new Africa strategy to imprisoned journalists

[Election Watch 2018/12/07] DR Congo voting machines go up in flames

[Insiders' Newsletter #39] From Dakar's new museum for black civilizations to the climate conference

[Election Watch 2018/12/07] Libya‘s newest electoral plans

[Insiders' Newsletter #38] From Buhari‘s clone to World AIDS day

November 2018

[Insiders‘ Newsletter #37] From returning lost heritage to justice for victims of sexual violence

[Insiders' Newsletter #36] From Eritrean sanctions to abortion restrictions in Kenya

[Election Watch 2018/11/16] Will Gabon hold a presidential election?

[Insiders' Newsletter #35] From (dis)united opposition in the DR Congo to elite conflict in Zimbabwe

[Election Watch 2018/11/09] Triple vote in Togo, Results from Madagascar

[Insiders' Newsletter #34] From Chinese loans to Ugandan ghosts

[Election Watch 2018/11/02] Guinea-Bissau postpones, Madagascar gets ready

October 2018

[Insiders' Newsletter #34] From Ethiopia's new president to a mysterious rebellion in the Comoros

[Election Watch 2018/10/26] The unlikely win of Paul Biya

[Insiders' Newsletter #33] From Ethiopia's cabinet to Uganda's refugee policy

[Election Watch 2018/10/19] Cameroon results leak, Côte d'Ivoire announces local election outcome

[Insiders' Newsletter #32] From economic crisis in Sudan to a women in STEM conference in Ghana

Election Watch 2018/10/12: Ruling party wins big in Gabon, waiting for results in Cameroon

[Insiders' Newsletter #31] The Nobel Peace Prize goes to a Congolese gynecologist

Election Watch 2018/10/05: Polling stations open in Cameroon and Gabon this weekend

[Insiders' Newsletter #30] From by-elections in Kenya to corruption in Angola

September 2018

Election Watch 2018/09/28: Gabon and Côte d'Ivoire coming up

[Insiders' Newsletter #29] Africa's ferry problem, cholera in Zimbabwe and an update on Libya

Election Watch 2018/09/21: Election day in eSwatini

[Insiders' Newsletter #28] Peace deals in South Sudan and Ethiopia, a new government for Sudan and so much news

Election Watch 2018/09/14: Updates on Mauritania

[Insiders' Newsletter #27] Libya's violent week, Burundi's continued crisis and a picture without women

Election Watch 2018/09/07: Results from Rwanda and Mauritania

[Insiders' Newsletter #26] Bobi Wine leaves Uganda, foreign delegations step over each other and Namibia wants to do land reform, too

August 2018

Election Watch 2018/08/31: Why eSwatini's elections won't matter that much

[Insiders' Newsletter #25] A drone base for Niger, a treatment for tuberculosis and a tweet from Trump

Election Watch 2018/08/17: Showdown in Zimbabwe

[Insiders' Newsletter #24] Ebola, Uganda's "Ghetto President", Transatlantic Slave Trade and more

Election Watch 2018/08/17: get ready for Mauritania and Rwanda

[Insiders' Newsletter #23] Amnesty in South Sudan, expropriation in South Africa, free speech in Mozambique

The Insiders' Newsletter #22

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Africa, reconsidered